The Big Move

So I had a piano…a beautiful Lindeman & Sons Upright.

Now. Where to put it? 

Currently my husband and I rent a portion of our grandmother’s house while we save money to buy our own. That being said, it gets a bit crowded.

My first thought was to clear a space in our bedroom for this new-to-me piano. What I planned to do was move some things from my closet, to the attic, so that I could fit my hope chest under my hanging clothes, and put the piano on the wall where my hope chest was. But after talking with Nana about it, she suggested putting the piano in the garage.

I hate the idea of putting a piano in the garage, because of bugs, humidity, etcetera, but my piano tech actually recommended it too. He said that all of the temperature fluctuations would cause the instrument to constantly fall out of tune, which would give me a lot of practice. So, I agreed with Nana, and we cleared a spot in the garage.

My husband and I decided to load the piano into our pick-up truck, so the day before we were to pick up the piano, we went to Harbor Freight to buy any moving supplies we needed. Then I sent a group text message and put a request on Facebook, to to see if anyone could help us move a piano.

We ended up with my brother Matt, my husband Andrew, our friend Nathan, and me. We could make this work!

The day dawned.

We got ready to leave the house, and found out that Matt had a migraine, and would not be able to help after all. But thankfully my father-in-law texted and said: “Hey do you still need help moving that piano?” What a God-send!

Finally, we arrived on location and discovered that the piano was way heavier than anticipated. I am guessing it is close to 700 pounds. I don’t know why, but I thought it would only be about 300 pounds. Silly me.

We started loading, and with the help of the seller, we managed to get the piano into my husband’s truck. It was an ordeal! A little piece of moulding got knocked off, and I was so scared that the piano was going to tip over on the men, since it was so top-heavy.

Unloading the piano was even harder because our driveway is on a hill, and since the seller did not come with us, we were down one man. The guys determined the best angle to pull the truck in (so the piano would not tip on the hill), and discussed several different ways to get the piano out of the truck. Finally they decided on the best plan. It was a little risky, but they said:

“Hey, if the piano falls and breaks, at least it was free.” 

I didn’t like that thought. I wanted to preserve the piano, not destroy it! While the guys worked on sliding the piano out of the truck, and down the ramp, I held onto the back of the piano so that it wouldn’t tip over. I was told that if the piano began to fall, I should release it immediately so that I wouldn’t get dragged down with it, and end up with a broken arm or something. Scary.

Finally, after great effort, and many grunts and groans, the piano was safely on the floor of the garage, and it wasn’t broken, and nobody was injured!

The next step would be to clean up the piano (and make sure there were no bugs living in it), and call my technician to come take a look.

I could not WAIT to get started!


Here are all of my wonderful piano movers in order from left to right: George (my father-in-law), Nathan (our friend with a servant’s heart), and Andrew (my husband).

My Piano Movers


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