109 Years of Dust

​What is the first thing that you do when you put a new-to-you, but VERY old piece of furniture in your home?


As soon as my piano movers went on their merry way, I pulled out the shop-vac and got to work on the layers of dust and cobwebs that had accumulated over the last 109 years. Over the course of the next two hours I got to know my new piano a little better, and it was so exciting! It was as if the instrument was coming to life again, telling me stories of it’s past. The hammers were starting to look white, and the felt on the dampers started showing forth their red color, rather than the dead, fuzzy grey that had previously covered everything.

Before (fuzzy grey…everywhere):IMG_0518

After (white hammers!):IMG_0552

There were also some really interesting things that I discovered in the piano, that told more stories of its history. I vacuumed up a dime from 1979, a nail, a push-pin, two damper springs, a walnut, a bubblicious wrapper, and a yellowing, crumbling piece of notebook paper. On it was written in pencil, “Reba Joyce McKeehan, MA 9-6019.” I would love to find out about this lady one day.

I kept vacuuming, but suddenly the shop-vac started acting like there was something too large to go through the hose, and I got nervous. I lifted the hose out with dread…what could it be? There was something suspended by the suction, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I turned off the shop-vac, and the item dropped to the floor.

It was only a very old, dusty coin purse! What a relief!


After all that cleaning, I thought it necessary to get a “before tuning” video. So take a listen, if you think you can handle it!​



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